Shop Rubicon Build Part 3

After installing the 37" tires our stock 4:10 gear ratio just wasn't going to cut it as we knew would happen at the start of the build.  With the larger tires the Jeep was very sluggish and overdrive became a thing of the past.  So obviously the next step on the Rubicon Build was a gear swap.  We use the Jeep to pull a small enclosed trailer to events, daily drive it, and wheel on trails all over the state of Michigan.  We chose 5:13 gears to match our 37" tires and couldn't be happier with the results.  The Jeep got its pep back and really helped its low end torque.  Another great result was we are able to use overdrive again and not worry about constant down shifting on small hills or headwinds.  We do these gear swaps frequently in the shop and can help you decide what ratio might work best for your needs.