Silver Lake Sand Dunes Michigan

I love loading up our rigs and heading out to Silver Lake for the day or weekend, it's only a couple hours from our shop.  The first time I went I was 3 years old in Ken Sr.'s trusty old Jeep CJ5 powered by a Buick small block.  I remember barely being able to see over the dash, being in awe of the size of the massive sand hills.  Those times are what really instilled a passion for the off roading life for me.  

Silver Lake Sand Dunes is a great place for the entire family not just the hardcore off roader with the biggest budget Jeep, anyone can have a great time.  Here are some useful tips for your first time on the dunes.

-AIR YOUR TIRES DOWN If the sign says air down to 10 psi go to 10 not 15.  Airing your tires down helps create a larger footprint for your vehicle, this helps you to float over the top of the sand and not dig into it and get stuck.

-YOU WILL GET STUCK Plan ahead have a strap and someway to attach it to your vehicle, this will save you the headache of trying to find someone with a strap or shovel.

-SECURE EVERYTHING If its loose it needs to be strapped down, the dunes can be bumpy and you don't want heavy objects bouncing around damaging your vehicle or hurting someone.

-TAKE A LUNCH It's always a great time to drive down to the beach and enjoy a picnic on the sand with friends and family.

-FLAG MOUNT Per law you must have a flag on the front of your vehicle.  Get a mount before you head to the dunes and it's one less headache when you get there.  JCR Offroad makes a great mount which attaches to your winch if you have one. 

-TAKE PICTURES It's a great place to see the wonders of Michigan.  It's a massive field of sand dunes surrounded by pine trees and real true sight to see.  You can always tag Ken's Kar Kare in them and we would be happy to show them off use #kenskarkare or #LIVEOFFROAD

-GO PREPARED If you do want to play hard we have all the parts you need and can help you what will fit your needs and budget.  The dunes will be a much more enjoyable time with a prepared vehicle and the right accessories to get you home safely.

-FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY If you have young children these are memories they will never forget and cherish the rest of their lives. I know because I'm so thankful my parents let me experience them at such a young age.

For more info go to http://www.michigan.org/hot-spots/silver-lake-sand-dunes/

-Ken Jr.