Gear Swap And Axle Upgrade Services

Choosing the right Gear Ratio, Axle Shafts, Locker, or Axle Assembly for your Jeep or truck can be overwelming. We will take the stress out of those decisions and help you confidently upgrade your Jeep or Truck.  Stock Jeep and truck axles can break due to the stress of larger tires, more engine power, or off road trails.  To counteract the bending factory axles, which is very common when off roading Jeep JKs & TJs, we sell and install a full line of axle assembly upgrades from the Top Brands like Dynatrac, Currie, Dana, Teraflex and G2 which are much stronger than factory equipment.  

Traction aids can make a huge difference in your Jeep or trucks off road capability allowing your vehicle to put the power evenly to the ground.  We carry and install a huge selection of lockers from Top Brands like Aussie, OX Locker, ARB air lockers, Eaton, Spartan Lockers, Detroit and many more.  Selectable Lockers like electric and air lockers work great as well as automatic lockers we will help you decide what will meet your needs and budget best.  

We carry and install high quality ring and pinion assemblies from Revolution Gear, Yukon Gear, Dana, G2, and Motive.  Along with high quality axle bearings, Gear Swaps can drastically change the performance of any Jeep or truck on or off road.  We also carry PCM tuners to help calibrate your vehicles computer for the wide range of different gear ratios.

-Jeep and Truck Gear Swaps

-Chromoly Axle Shafts

-Heavy Duty Ball Joints 

-Dynatrac Axle Assemblies

-Axle Shaft Upgrades

-Locker Install

-Vibration Diagnostics