Jeep Body Armor Installation

Jeep Armor installation is offered at our Michigan Location.  Jeep Bumpers, Fenders, Rock Rails and Body Armor can dramatically change the look and performance of your Jeep.  Stronger winch bumpers and tire carrier bumpers will provide you a solid safe place to mount a winch and improve your Jeeps approach and departure angles helping on the trail.  Stock Jeep bumpers will most likely be damaged when contacting obstacles off road, but steel and aluminum bumpers will help protect your Jeeps body.  Bumpers can be used to carry supplies like spare tires, fuel tanks, and Hi-Lift Jacks  We sell and install a huge selection of bumpers for any need, our team can help you decide on the right bumper for your needs and budget.

Jeep Fenders are a great way to improve the Look and Performance of your Jeep.  Steel or Aluminum Fenders can help protect your Jeeps body panels when on the trail.  Another huge benefit is the added tire clearance which can help safely fit much larger tires while keeping your Jeep's center of gravity low this can greatly help increase stability and handling on and off road.

Jeep Rock Rails and Body Armor can keep the Jeep's sheet metal unscared on even the toughest trails.  Rock Rails can also work great as steps to get into lifted Jeeps.  

We sell and install Top Brands like Poison Spyder, JCR Offroad, Savvy Offroad, Hyline Offroad, OMC Offroad, Owens Jeep Products and more.  Powder Coating and Paint services available through our location in Fowler, Michigan.  

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