• Great Auto Service!

    I have been using Ken's for over 6 years now and can't thank the guys enough.  They are always so quick and happy to work on my van.  It's great having a mechanic I really trust. Thanks for everything guys.


    -Dale R.

  • We love Kens

    Lastly I would like to apologize for the burnout in your nicely sealed parking lot. David was so happy to get the leaking top fixed, that it brought back his adrenaline from winning a burnout contest the first day of the Tour, and he couldn’t control himself. (Of course Ken Jr. had NOTHING to do with egging him on !) His enthusiasm eventually caught up with us, and on the way back home we had to stop at Summit Racing in Akron, OH and buy rear tires. David was so proud we let the top down and cruised around for a while with the tires on top of the luggage in the back seat, for all to see. (He IS a nut ya know!)

  • Ken’s Kar Kare Family

    WOW, another Power Tour is over and what an adventure it was. From Sopchoppy, FL, to Cocoa Beach, to Fowler, to Detroit. For anyone that hasn’t gone before, it is not all about the cars, but mostly about the good people you meet along the way ! When you are driving a 44 year old muscle car, things are sure to happen. The surprising thing is; this can be the time when you meet the most generous people hidden away in the Heartland of our Country. Luckily for David and I, this is when we met y’all. We were motoring down the road, in the pouring rain, and our convertible top repair with cheap duct tape had just let us down. The top was tearing from the strong stormy winds and the rain water was leaking in . . . mostly in our laps. You were blessing for these two “Road Warriors” who needed help and shelter from the storm, but didn’t know where to look. I can say honestly and first hand, “Ken you and your Kar Kare Family run the kind of business that puts “value” on customer service. I saw it with you, your son, and your employee. (Sorry, I didn’t meet your wife) “You must be very proud of your family and your business. You’re a first class operation !